Our Commitment

At Greenfield Family Dentistry, we understand that dentistry is not one size fits all. We strongly believe in conservative, preventative, informed dentistry that is tailored to your needs. Whether you are a once every ten days patient or a once every ten years patient, we will provide you with comfortable dental care and a commitment to treat you in the same way that we would want to be treated.


Our History
  • 1926

    Dr. Leroy King establishes a dental practice on the west side of the Greenfield Square (above Connelly Hardware/Mac Electric and Hardware)

  • 1977

    Dr. Verlin Hockett purchases Dr. King's practice

  • 1982

    Dr. Hockett moves practice to its current location, previously a dime store (Piper Variety and then Anderson Variety)

  • 2018

    Dr. James Elliott purchases Dr. Hockett's practice and hires Dr. Ryan Frost to provide full-time dental care to Greenfield

  • 2020

    Dr. Ryan Frost purchases the practice from Dr. James Elliott

We are proud of our history and are committed to upholding the same values that have been in place for nearly 100 years. While the faces, gadgets, and color of the walls may change, the commitment to excellence and quality customer service does not. Greenfield Family Dentistry exists to serve you.

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